Frequently Asked Questions About Joining Our Registry as a Caregiver

Can I just drop in to fill out an application?

No.  We ask that you phone the office first so that we can conduct a phone interview to determine your interest in being a Caregiver and your suitability for this type of career.  Our recruiters will review the results of the phone interview and will call you back to schedule an appointment for a personal interview.  One-on-one interviews are done by appointment only to ensure adequate time can be devoted to each applicant. 



Do I have to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA)?

At this time, we are only accepting certified caregivers.  There are certifications other than CNA that are acceptable, including Personal Care Technician (PCT).  We also prefer that the Caregiver have prior experience working with seniors or disabled individuals.  That said, the overriding factors are compassion, reliability, and aptitude for this field.  Caregivers with less experience will begin their careers with clients that require primarily companionship and homemaking tasks.



What do I need to bring to the interview?

At a minimum you will need to bring your driver’s license, social security card, work authorization (if applicable), vehicle insurance, current TB test (ppd or X-Ray), certifications (CNA, first aid, CPR, etc), personal and professional references.  We will need a minimum of four references…two professional and two personal (not a relative).  You will also need to list your employment history for the past five years.  We will need up to date contact information for each reference because we will contact each one to ask them a few questions.  They must be willing to talk to us about their experience with you. 


Do I need my own transportation?

With the exception of long-term live-in cases, we recommend Caregivers have their own, dependable form of transportation.  New Clients often call with immediate home care needs on short notice, leaving little time for Caregivers without their own transportation to arrange for a ride to the Client’s home.  Though public transportation covers much of our service area, it often falls short of delivering riders at their destination, many times requiring lengthy walks into subdivisions where our Clients reside.  This is particularly an issue during inclement weather.


How do you make decisions on placing Caregivers?

The coordinators offer Client opportunities based on the Caregiver’s personality, skills, experience, availability, previous client’s feedback, demonstrated reliability and proximity to Client residence.