Special Caregiver Programs

The Atlanta Northeast Office of GRISWOLD HOME CARE is committed to enhancing the professionalism and status of the professional Caregiver in the home care and long-term care fields. To that end, GRISWOLD HOME CARE offers a variety of programs geared toward elderly, senior, specialized disability and in-home Caregivers. 

Read the following to view descriptions of current Caregiver and supportive care programs.

Caregivers Newsletter

In an effort to encourage Caregiver communication and participation, the Atlanta Northeast Office of GRISWOLD HOME CARE produces a monthly newsletter and is disseminated via email. Issues reflect relevant local caregiver and home care news articles.  All Caregivers are invited and encouraged to submit news articles, share relevant personal experiences in home care as a Caregiver, put forward suggestions, provide feedback, and introduce discussion topics.

Caregiver of the Month

Each month, a caregiver is selected for special recognition for going above and beyond the call.  Caregivers are chosen based on case coordinator recommendation, or as a result of Client feedback.  Each Caregiver of the Month is recognized in the monthly newsletter, receives a Certificate of Recognition, and small token of our appreciation for their excellent service to their clients.

Annual National Caregiver Award Program

The purpose of the GRISWOLD HOME CARE Annual Caregiver Award is to show recognition for outstanding accomplishments in home care by valued Caregivers. The award includes 3 categories handed out each year at the Annual Expo meeting. Award recipients will receive a commemorative certificate and a monetary award. 

The categories include:

  • Caregiver of the Year
  • Self Improvement Award
  • Mentor Award

Workshops and Educational Opportunities

As a service to our valued Caregivers, the Atlanta Northeast Office of GRISWOLD HOME CARE, through the Home Care Academy, has educational information geared toward the professional Caregiver. We have numerous self-study programs that have been developed through the Home Care Academy and others that are co-sponsored by nationally recognized organizations.  These programs are available for a nominal fee, and may be eligible towards State of Georgia annual continuing education requirements for Certified Nurses Aids or Home Health Aides.
For additional information on any of the Caregiver resources on this page or to submit your feedback, questions, or suggestions, please call (770) 908-0707 or email info@gscatlanta.com .