A Better Way for Seniors to Get from Point A to Point B:  Medex Patient Transport!

Jul 31, 2014

When the founders of Medex Patient Transport set out to create a new non-emergency transport company, the wanted to create a company that did things a bit differently.  With a logistics background, the founders developed a unique model that brought a new level of professionalism to a sometimes chaotic and disorganized industry.  Their work has paid off in the rapid growth of Medex Patient Transport since its 2010 inception.

Rajeev Desai is a native of England, but moved to the US when he was 6.  He has a business degree from Georgia Tech.  Jerry Beharry earned a degree in BioPsych from the University of South Florida.  He happens to be married to Rajeev’s cousin – which is what brought them together to open the Atlanta office of Medex Patient Transport. 

Rajeev and Jerry searched for more than 2 years to find Medex.  They were looking for a business with long term viability, a unique value proposition, and one that would allow them to serve their community in a meaningful way.  Listen in as Jerry and Rajeev describe why Medex Patient Transport is a very different non-emergency transport company.

For more information about Medex Patient Transport, check out their website at, or call them at (404) 596-9450.

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