A Healthier Life On a Healthier Planet

Sep 11, 2015

After graduating from Penn State, Crystal Johnson relocated to Texas to begin her career in the oil industry. Seven years later she transitioned to the biomedical research arena. This experience was the genesis of her interest in healthcare.  Through a series of family events, her husband asked the question, “If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would that be?”  Crystal’s response was a surprise – “Atlanta, Georgia”.   So the Johnsons packed-up and moved.  The Johnsons were in Atlanta for only a few years when Crystal recognized that she, her husband and their children were suffering from a variety of health issues; exercise induced asthma; bronchitis; sinus infections; and others. Crystal started exploring alternative natural, holistic ways to combat the family’s health issues.  During this time of exploration, Crystal “tripped upon this business” – Shaklee.

Shaklee Corporation is an American manufacturer and distributor of natural nutrition supplements, weight management products, beauty products, and household products.  Founded in 1905 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, the company is committed to discovering and using pure potent ingredients from nature.  After using Shaklee products, every member of the Johnson family experienced an improvement in their health.  “This business is a natural extension of my ten year commitment to environmental education. “The way I see it, by helping someone to discover Shaklee products, I not only help you improve your health, but also help all of us to lead a healthier life on a healthier plant.”  Crystal states this is especially important in the senior population since their bodies absorb less and less nutrients as they age.  Crystal describes herself as a Whole Health Advisor dedicated to helping her community to “follow the laws of nature” to live a healthier life on a healthier planet.

If using what is naturally found in nature, rather than synthetic material makes sense to you, visit the Crystal Johnson Health web site at:, or call Crystal at 678-591-7873.

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