A Street Kid That Brings Street Smarts to a White Collar World - Barry Calano of Level Creek Wealth

Dec 05, 2013

Barry Calano was born into a typical middle-class family in Bronx, New York.  He attributes his success in life to common courtesy and old-fashion values, while gaining 20 + years of valuable market and management experience with companies like Campbell Soups, Gillette, Seven-Up USA and Nielsen Marketing Research.  Afterwards, he successfully built, operated and sold a small business.  “The experience of building something from the ground-up and making it work, shouldering the risks on long the way, puts me on common ground with the entrepreneurs with whom I work.

Today, Barry is a Certified Fund Specialist and Financial Advisor for Level Creek Wealth Management.  Barry states that “Achieving a good balance of investments that is custom-suited to the needs and risk tolerances of my clients is critical.  My job is to help folks to make their wealth last a lifetime… their lifetime”.

For more information, contact Barry at Level Creek Wealth Management, Inc. (770) 623-3317 or email him at

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