Aberdeen Place Hospice - A Caring Place Where “Everybody Knows Your Name”!

Jul 25, 2014

Aberdeen Place is the neighborhood where Jim, Mark, and Jo Sturm grew up.  A safe place where children grew and learned from their experiences and families thrived.  It was a place where neighbors took care of each other, always ready to support and help those in need.  Aberdeen Place Hospice is founded on that same principle: To be a good neighbor, supporting and helping those that are in their end-of-life journey.

Listen to Jim Sturm, CEO, and Denise Lukow, RN Administrator speak about what sets Aberdeen Place Hospice apart and how the Sturm’s childhood experiences have shaped the foundational principles on which their company is built.

The Sturm’s grew up in a quintessential Midwestern neighborhood where life was good and neighbors were neighborly.  Jim Sturm attended St Louis University and obtained his master degree from Georgia State.  Form there he spent a number of years in medical equipment sales.  Denise was also reared in the Midwest and attended the University of Nebraska, and received her nursing degree from State College of Florida in Bradenton.  Denise has over 30 years experience in the neo-natal and elder care arenas. 

After experiencing hospice care for one of their family members, the Sturms’ decided to open a hospice that modeled the caring neighborhood where they grew up.  Aberdeen Place Hospice opened in January 2014.  Denise believes that exceptional hospice organizations are filled with “chameleon”…. people that properly evaluate the case, act independently and reflect the characteristics that make each case unique.  Listen as Jim and Denise describe what they believe hospice is … a place of compassion and hope.

For information on Aberdeen Place Hospice, visit them on the web at, or call 678-878-3441.

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