Barriers to Effective Time Management

Sep 11, 2012

Procrastination has often been referred to as the “thief of time”.  It’s easy to put off unpleasant tasks – but it also causes stress.  Better to schedule the task and do it!  Or delegate it if you can…sometimes the most effective way to manage an unpleasant task is to hire someone to do it for you. 

As we discussed previously, there will be competing agendas.  Life doesn’t always fit neatly into your plan.  That’s OK.  Take a step back, regroup, make a new plan if you have to.  But don’t let competing agendas completely derail you.

Another common barrier is know as the “tyranny of the urgent”.  If everything’s always an emergency, then nothing gets done!  Find a way to manage the emergencies before they become emergencies.

One final barrier to effective time management is poor time management on the part of others in your life.  You can’t make someone else manage their time better, but you can recognize the issue, and come up with a strategy to work around or through it.  Or get that person on board with you and become mutual accountability partners in time management! 

Join us next time for some final thoughts on effective time management for the family caregiver!