Capturing the Memories of a Lifetime…with Dave Savage

Jun 13, 2013

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“The quest to know who we are, where we came from, and how we came to be the family we are now, is a powerful emotional desire, at some point in everyone’s life.”

Dave Savage grew up in southern California in a family that is all about legacy. His Dad has composed a 100 year journal of their family and passed that on to Dave.  The owner of Memory Keepers Video and co-author, with Beverly Molander, of the soon to be released book, “The Best Memorial Services”, Dave has always had a curiosity about how things worked and who people are.He began to help friends record the stories of their families, and the business “just grew from there”.“Family storytelling energizes and uplifts the spirit, honors the past and pays tribute to the people who have shaped your life”.“By recording the stories, with your loved ones, you are more confident that they understand what you are sharing and that they comprehend the emotion you have about the subjects being discussed”.

Memory Keepers Video can accomplish this in several customized formats suited to the particular desires of the client and their family.  It was an easy transition from preserving family legacies to writing “The Best Memorial Services”.He and Beverly have found a way that “makes it far easier and less traumatic for your family to create and agree upon a wonder service or ceremony for your loved one”.They share advice, ideas, experiences and resources to help you create a meaningful service or ceremony.  As an example, Dan tells us to think about your family’s traditions, rituals and ceremonies and find a way to record them so you can pass them on to the future generations.  To contact Dave, call him at (404) 323-8686, send him an email at, or visit these websites:

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