Care Patrol,

Mar 03, 2016

Bruce Mack met Lori, his wife of 34 years in elementary school, but he wisely waited until high school to start dating her and when he got his job at UPS, 34 years ago, they tied the knot that still holds!  They have 2 young adult children. During his 34 year career at UPS he managed several different departments. After retiring, he decided to use a franchise coach to help him choose a business in which he could “reinvent himself.”

Care Patrol caught his attention with their focus on helping seniors, on the safety and service of each senior community they represent (and not just beauty and promises) and their fine representation in the Atlanta, with 3 franchises in different metro areas. They all work together to assess a senior’s needs, educate them on the choices available and help navigate and negotiate all aspects of the move! The best part for seniors and their families is it is FREE! Like a professional Realtor for the Senior Living Industry, they get paid per placement by the community (in real estate, the seller.)

Call Bruce at 678-894-9296, email him at, or check the website:

Thanks to Griswold Home Care for sponsoring today’s show. Griswold Home Care has been a preferred provider of high quality, affordable in-home senior care in Atlanta for more than 23 years.