Care Transitions™ - The Four Pillars, Pt. 1

Apr 20, 2012

The first pillar states that a patient, or patient;s family is knowledgeable about the medications the patient is taking, and a self management plan is in place.  This begins in the hospital when a patient is being discharged.  Though the hospital should be working diligently to ensure a discharged patient is briefed on the medicine being prescribed, the patient or patient's family should ensure they understand the medication, its dosage, its potential side effects and any potential interactions with other drugs they may be taking.

A critical component to medication self-management is a thorough review of ALL medications that have recently been taken, are being taken or will be takent.  Make sure your primary care physician is fully apprised of the complete list of medications.  Pharmacists can also be very helpful in reviewing the list.  If there is any disagreement on what medications should or should not be taken, make sure you reconcile these inconsistencies with your physician or a specialist.