Care Transitions™ - The Four Pillars, Pt. 2

Apr 24, 2012

The second pillar in Dr. Coleman's model is the maintenance and management of a portable personal health record.  In order to maintain or manage a personal health record, you must have one in the first place.  This personal health record is just a simple document that describes a patient's basic health information, including a list of health conditions, doctors, insurance coverage, legal documents (living will, POA), family and professional caregiver information, list of medications, allergies, key contacts, etc.  A sample record can be found on the Care Transitions website:  Click here

This document should be kept up to date as conditions change, or as particular events occur (e.g., hospital visit).  Bring this document with you whenever you visit the doctor, pharmacist, therapist or other healthcare professional.  After a hospital stay, the discharge report from the hospital can be attached to this document.  Make sure a family member has a copy, or knows where to access a copy.  Information and communication can be lifesavers - use this tool to improve the quality of care you receive!