Care Transitions™ - The Four Pillars, Pt. 3

Apr 28, 2012

As soon as possible, upon discharge, a follow-up visit should be scheduled with the primary care physician or specialist physician.  As we have noted previously, an alarming percentage of discharged hospital patients DO NOT see a physician within the first 30 days after discharge.  It's critical that your physician understand what treatments were given, and what recommendations the hospital made in their final discharge report.  Get a copy of this report and bring it with you to your doctor visit!

Once a patient has been discharged, the previously referenced Personal Health Record should be updated.  Over the course of days following discharge, jot down questions you may have for your physician.  Don't rely on your memory - often during the hustle and bustle of a doctor's visit these questions will go unanswered.  It can be difficult to get your doctor on the phone after the visit, so take advantage of the time you have directly speaking with your physician!