Care Transitions™ - The Four Pillars, Pt. 4

May 02, 2012

A critical component to a successful care transition is knowledge about indications that a patient's condition is worsening and how to respond.  Each diagnosis has a separate set of "red flags" that indicate that a condition may be worsening.  It is essential that the patient, and the patient's family, are apprised of these symptoms.  As an example, sudden weight gain would be a potential indicator of a worsening condition in a patient suffering from congestive heart failure.

If patient, family and professional caregivers work as a team, conditions may be treated before they become emergencies that may require another hospital stay.  As always, a little preventive action can go a long way in keeping a senior safely in their own home.  Active monitoring on the part of family members can prolong lives, keep the quality of life high and even save money!  Make sure you participate frequently in the life of your loved one - for their good, and for your own!