Caring for the Caregiver - Pam Van Ahn on Eugeria! Radio!

Jan 23, 2015

Pam Van Ahn lost her mother a little over two years ago to Lewy Body Dementia.  Pam was born and raised in Iowa, and schooled in nursing.  She spent 15 years as a nurse, then another 18 years in Minnesota as a Pharmacy District Manager.  Four years ago, she was called to Atlanta to care for her mother, who had just received an Alzheimer's diagnosis.  Sadly, her mother dies within a year of the diagnosis.  As it turned out, the diagnosis was not quite accurate.  Either way, both Lewy Body dementia and Alzheimer's are progressive and incurable.

Over the course of the year that Pam cared for her mother, she walked a long, dark road.  She also learned things about her mother that she would have never otherwise known, and is grateful for the experience.  Along the way, Pam and her family realized the hardship that is so often placed on family caregivers.  As a result, Pam and her family created a foundation in honor of their mother, Caring Together in Hope (an acronym for their mother's name).  Through this foundation, they provided assistance to nearly 150 families in 2014.  This assistance typically takes the form of free respite care for a family to spend some time away from their often difficult daily routine.

Caring Together in Hope wants families to know they are not alone in the journey to care for loved ones suffering from dementia-related illness.  Pam's advice?  Don't go it alone!  Seek advice, counsel and assistance.  For more information about Caring Together in Hope, check out their website at, or call them at (404) 606-2378. 

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