New Trends in Retirement Jobs

Nov 09, 2011

After making the life-defining decision to retire, seniors are returning to work, and some are even staying at work past retirement age. These seniors are defining the term “retirement jobs” and simultaneously creating a unique level of quality in the workforce. Never before have such experienced and historically productive workers been part of an extended career opportunity.

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Assisting with Self-Administered Medications

Oct 21, 2011

Safety of our Clients is our primary concern. Given the complexity of many of our Clients health conditions, it can be dangerous for a Caregiver to go beyond assistance with self-administration of medication.  Furthermore, a CNA that administers any prescription medication is in direct violation of Georgia regulations.

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To Hire or Not to Hire Privately

Oct 12, 2011

While the benefits of home care for seniors may be obvious, it can be an expensive and daunting task to hire a homecare agency or a caregiver.  An agency like the Atlanta office of Griswold Special Care offers peace of mind for families by handling not only the day to day scheduling, but more importantly, the back up plan.  They also provide insurance, bonding, state oversight through licensure and caregiver screening.  All that said, an agency may be perceived to costly.  Some families may decide to investigate the possibility of using a private caregiver for their in-home care needs.  Here are a few things to know before you hire a private caregiver for you loved one in their home.

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