Caution in the Kitchen, Part 1

Mar 09, 2012

As mentioned in a previous post, the bathroom is the place in the home where the most accidents occur. Well, the kitchen is right up there when it comes to in-home accident potential. From cooking fires, grease and spills on the floor to appliance injuries and microwave mishaps, the kitchen is a hazard hotspot for your loved one.  

Tackling a kitchen safety project doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Resist the urge to “dive right in” with fiery frenzy and take the time to contemplate each layer, one at a time: floors, cupboards, counter tops, appliances, overhead cupboards, etc. It’s important to look at your loved one’s kitchen with a critical eye – what seems harmless to you may be a threat to an elderly person, especially if a cognitive disorder, like Alzheimer’s or dementia, or a reliance on a cane or wheelchair is involved. 

Things to pay special attention to:

  • Blenders
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Knives
  • Dishtowels
  • Stovetop

Use your common sense, and if it helps, put yourself in your loved one’s shoes and play out potential hazardous scenarios in your head.  Is your loved one in a wheelchair? If so, are pots and pans difficult to reach? Reaching for objects not only causes strain, but poses the risk of falling out of a wheelchair.

Also, make sure dishtowels aren’t stored near the oven or hung on the oven door. Keep the stovetop and oven clean and clear of flammable materials.

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