Celebrating America’s Heroes - Honor Air Set to Take 60 Vets to See the WWII Memorial

Mar 06, 2014

Lloyd Pittman grew up in East Central Texas in the late 1920's.  And yes, that made him the right age to go off to war in the 1940's.  At the age of 21, Lloyd was piloting an eight-man B-24 “Liberator” as part of the 492nd Bomb Group in the U.S. Army Air Corps, the forerunner to the Air Force.  He tells us he flew 22 missions, including a dozen missions to provide personnel and supplies to the Underground, behind enemy lines.  After the war, Lloyd married the woman of his dreams, put in 30 years at Lockheed Martin, opened two antique shops and a restaurant.  At the improbably young age of 81, he fiinally decided to retire.  Today, he and his bride of 68 years continue to live in their home in Sandy Springs, GA.

A year ago, Lloyd and his good friend, John Martin, had the privilege of joining Honor Air's 5th trip to Washington, DC, along with 59 other WWII vets, to see the World War II Memorial.  At the end of a very full day, Lloyd and his friends ended the day at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to see the "Changing of the Guard".  Lloyd tells us that he loves to travel to events for veterans all around the country.  He notes that none of it would be possible without John Martin, who has acted as his travel agent, tour guide, personal valet and friend.  Listen in as he shares his fascinating story!

Many thanks to Sue Sharp, Owner of Mobility Scooters and More, for giving us the honor and privilege of meeting Mr. Pittman, and having him tell his story on our show!  The Roswell Rotary Club and Honor Air are planning their sixth trip to Washing on April 2 to enable 60 more veterans to make this trip.  THere are still a few slots open, and the trip still has a need for "Guardians" to assist a veteran in making this trip.  It's a long day, starting at 5:30 in the morning, arriving back in Atlanta at about 9:30 PM.  Guardians need to pay their own expenses for the trip ($350), and be prepared to assist a veteran throughout the course of the day.  I can't think of a better way to spend a day!

For more information, visit The Roswell Rotary Club web site  or call Sue at 404-314-6279.

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