Choices, Choices - Senior Living Choices eases the task identifying and evaluating the alternatives

Sep 20, 2013

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A rare native Atlantan, Allie Atkins ventured as far as Macon to earn a degree from Mercer University.  She started her career in the healthcare field publishing medical journals.  A number of years ago, Allie got involved in the Real Estate Book that you’ve probably seen at Kroger or Walgreen’s.  This venture naturally led into a resource book for seniors, Senior Living Choices.  About four years ago, Allie had the opportunity to acquire the company.  After publishing Senior Living Choices in Texas, Florida and the Carolinas, the book is finally making its debut in Atlanta this month.  Interestingly enough, the company is headquartered right here in Duluth!  Allie tells us this book is unique in a number of ways.  First, it is published monthly, rather than quarterly or annually, making the information in it more timely and relevant.  Second, it is widely available around the city, not just in hospitals and rehab centers, but in places you frequently shop – like the grocery store, pharmacy and Target or Walmart.

For more information about Senior Living Choices, or to contact Allie directly, please call her at 770-500-2075, email her at, or visit the website:

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