Clearing the Air on Hypnotherapy - How Alton Reynolds is improving the lives of Atlanta’s Seniors!

Jun 25, 2014

Return guest Alton Reynolds wears a multitude of hats!  He has been serving in the “helping professions” both on the clinical and business side of healthcare for nearly 40 years.  A native of New York's Finger Lakes district, Alton started his career providing psychiatric assessments of Navy and Marine personnel returning from Viet Nam.  He went on to ear his Masters Degree in the Psychology of Learning from Temple University.  Nearly thirty years ago, Alton's wife, Essy, founded the Hypnosis Center of Dunwoody.  While Alton has assisted in providing services in and through Essy's business for many years, Alton has recently taken his passion for helping people through counseling and hypnotherapy on a more full time basis.

Originally rooted in historical Trasactional Analysis research, Alton counsels his patients to evaluate and address three natural human states:  The parent - focusing on self-nurturance rather than self-criticism, The adult - working on cognitive skills and decision-making, and the child - focusing on joy, happiness, creativity and spontaneity.  Alton acknowledges that hypnotherapy can only be effective is a person wants to change and improve.  It is not mind control or manipulation, but rather a gentle encouragement through the use of relaxation techniques that facilitate identification and change of troublesome behaviors.  Alton notes, "whatever you think about most is generally what you will experience in life", making it essential to think productive and positive thoughts.

For more information on the Hypnosis Center of Dunwoody, visit them on the web at, or call them at (770) 390-0444.  To reach Alton directly, call him on his mobile phone at (404) 932-2755.

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