Creative Funding for Long Term Care

Mar 15, 2015

After retiring from the US Coast Guard Service, Mike Giglio wanted to own his own business while also serving the needs of seniors.  Mike started Georgia Life Settlements LLC located in Milton, Georgia.  Georgia Life Settlement wants to “earn your trust and confidence through a Life Settlement that can be an unexpected blessing that brings peace of mind during a period of great need.”

What is a Life Settlement?  It’s the sale of an asset, the life insurance policy, “to a third party for more than its accumulated cash surrender value but less that then policy’s face value” or death benefit. The U.S. Supreme Court case, Grigsby v. Russell, 22 U.S. 149(1911) established a life insurance policy as private property that can be assigned at the will of the owner.  Therefore, the policy is an asset that may be sold.  So rather than continue to pay for a policy that you no longer need or can afford, a Life Settlement can be a blessing.

If this unique approach to utilizing your life insurance as a long term care investment is of interest, call Mike Giglio at 770-715-4493 or visit Georgia Life Settlements web site at:

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