Creative Ways to Pay for Long Term Care - Carol Hurst on Eugeria! Radio

Aug 22, 2013

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Growing up in a small town in northeast Arkansas, Carol Hurst was drawn to seniors at an early age, studying gerontology at Arkansas College.  After graduating, Carol worked as a case manager, a legal advisor and a nursing home ombudsman for the State of Arkansas.  Twenty seven years ago, Carol moved to Atlanta and took a job in the insurance and financial services industry.  After a number of years, she began working in the mortgage industry, and stayed there until about five years ago, when the bottom dropped out of that market.  As she began to investigate other career options, she realized that she could combine her recent expertise with her love for seniors by specializing in products that would help seniors safely tap the equity in their home to help pay for their own long term care, and maintain their independence without becoming a burden to their children.

For the last five years, Carol has done nothing but reverse mortgages.  She is not only a knowledgeable provider of reverse mortgages, she is also an educator.  Carol, now with Reverse Mortgages USA, acknowledges that reverse mortgages are not right for everybody, but they can be a lifesaver for some.  Listen in to hear her provide more detail on who might benefit from this opportunity.  To reach Carol directly, call her at (770) 314-0027, send her an email at, or check out her website at

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