Difficult Conversations with Loved Ones - Announcing Eugeria! Live!

Aug 31, 2012

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Have you ever wondered how to approach an aging parent or loved one to discuss a health or safety issue?  Have you had one of these chats, only to find it was awkward, and didn’t end the way you had hoped?  Join Sam and Brad as they talk about a new YouTube video project called Eugeria! Live!  This project will be initially launched as a series of short videos focused on how to successfully engage a loved on in a difficult conversation.  We will provide general tips on planning and executing the conversation, and specific topical videos covering things like driving, hygiene, dementia and many more.  More information will be coming shortly, so stay tuned!  If you have an expertise in one of these areas, and would be interested in a cameo appearance, please contact us at

We want to thank Griswold Home Care for sponsoring today’s show.  Griswold Home Care has been a preferred provider of high quality, affordable in-home senior care in Atlanta for 20 years.