Ease Joint Pain and Reduce Inflammation with the Most Innovative Therapy Developed in Decades!

Oct 14, 2015

Ty Hollingshead, Cool Contours marketing director, went to Kennesaw State University, interested in nursing and science, but when she fainted in the lab, she decided she’d find some other way to “help people.” Her healthcare background, effervescent personality and experience bringing health and wellness products to seniors make her a great partner to Coach Dukes as he forges new ground as an inventor! 

Alan Dukes grew up in Indiana where he loved and lived athletics. He signed to play baseball for Liberty University after high school. After a major injury in college, he left the playing field to pursue teaching and coaching and has done so for over 30 years. As you can imagine, as both a player and a coach, Alan was constantly dealing with injuries and therapies, trying to get people healed and “back out there” … So Coach is really excited about this new discovery and the widespread application it has to heal and restore! The name, Cool Contour™ Wrap, was chosen to represent the unique product features and benefits. After water activation and being wrung out a wrap, it provided hours of "SURFACE COOLING".   Each wrap was custom designed to "CONTOUR" around specific body parts.   Last, each product was "WRAPPED" and secured in place to provide full mobility. Alan also shares some of the “cool” back story of all he’s learned by creating a product and bringing it to market. He explains how these wraps work to stay cool, but not wet and can be worn beneath street clothes or even be worn through a night of comfortable sleep!

If you suffer from joint pain of any kind, you don’t want to miss this broadcast!

You can contact Coach Dukes directly at 678-643-4448 and tell him you learned about Cool Contour Wraps on Eugeria! Radio.  Also, their website is one of the best and most informative we’ve seen! It shows photos of the different wraps, includes personal testimonials of people who have used them and has tons of other great information on pain and inflammation therapy: Use Discount Code: TSR012480 to get up to $63 off your purchase! Every purchase includes a 60-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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