Eugeria! Radio Chats with Griswold Special Care

Aug 04, 2011

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Upon graduating with a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University, Brad Culp would not have predicted that he would end up in the senior homecare industry.  Prior to acquiring the Atlanta Northeast Office of Griswold Special Care, he spent the bulk of his career in management consulting.  About nine years ago, Brad began investigating small businesses to acquire.  After a lengthy search, he and his wife Leasa found an opportunity to combine business and mission, as Ginger O’Shea, the founder of the Atlanta Northeast Office of Griswold Special Care decided to retire.  A year later, Brad opened the Dallas North Office of Griswold Special Care, now managed by Kevin Reitz and Dennie Moore.  Looking back, Brad says, “I love being in this business, making an impact on peoples’ lives every day!”

About five years ago, Brad was introduced to Sam Grass through a mutual acquaintance.  After a number of conversations about the home care business, Brad and Sam decided to team up to expand the coverage of the business to Northern Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties.  Though we try to ignore the fact, Sam was born, raised and educated in West Virginia.  Sam spent 20 years in the managed care industry before determining very deliberately that he wanted to be in the homecare business.  Eugeria! Radio has adopted Sam’s mantra as its closing for every show:  If the youth of this nation is its greatest national resource, then it stands to reason that the seniors of this nation are its greatest national treasure.”  Sam has committed his career to preserving this treasure!

To find out more about Griswold Special Care, call either Sam or Brad at (770) 908-0707, or visit them on the web at