Grief is not Forever - Jinnie Lee Schmid, Change Navigators on Eugeria! Radio!

Dec 29, 2014

Born in Queens, New York, Jinnie Lee Schmid earned degrees in Political Science and Economics at Emory University.  Initially working in the government sector, Jinnie switched to Corporate work in the change management field after a number of years.  In Jinnie's words, change management is all about helping people perform better in the the face of change (which is pretty much constant in today's world)!

After the loss of two people that were very close to her, Jinnie went through a grief recovery workshop that dramatically helped her in her journey to recovery.  During the course of the workshop, it occurred to Jinnie that grief recovery was really a form of change management.  She discovered that she could become certified as a grief recovery specialist, so she did exactly that.  Today, Jinnie is the President & CEO of Change Navigators, LLC, a change management organization specializing in grief recovery.

Jinnie will be holing an open house in the Law Offices of Victoria Collier on January 5, 2015 from 11am to 1pm.  Plan on joining Jinnie there to learn about her upcoming grief workshops.  To get more information, contact Jinnie directly at (678) 778-0994, email her at, or visit her website:

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