Eugeria! Radio helps Griswold Home Care Celebrate 20 Years in Atlanta!

Jun 07, 2012

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Today’s edition of Eugeria! Radio celebrates the 30th anniversary of our sponsor, Griswold Special Care!  It also marks the rollout of our sponsor’s new name, Griswold Home Care.  For 30 years, (20 years in Atlanta), Griswold has had a tradition of excellence in delivering high quality, affordable and dependable in-home care to seniors and disabled individuals.  Though the name is changing to better reflect the services provided, the care continues to be “special”!

Joining us from Philadelphia this morning is Fiona Middleton.  Fiona is the President and Founder of Fairfield Business Solutions.  Her company is dedicated to assisting senior services companies communicate compelling and effective messages to the prospective clients and referral sources that underscore a passion for delivering high quality products and services at a fair price. 

Born, raised and educated in the Philadelphia area, Fiona spent the bulk of her professional career with Griswold Home Care’s Corporate Office in Erdenheim, Pennsylvania.  She watched Jean Griswold start and grow the company from a small home-based business to the first international franchised home care company.  Today, Griswold has more than 175 offices in nearly 30 states.  Listen in as she shares a bit of Griswold Home Care’s remarkable history.

Additionally, Fiona will publish a book at the end of this month entitled “The Closer’s Mindset”.  To get a sneak preview, sign up for a webinar being offered by Fairfield Business Solutions by visiting their website at  Fiona can be reached by email at, or via telephone at (484) 632-4183.

We want to thank Griswold Home Care for sponsoring today’s show.  Griswold Home Care has been a preferred provider of high quality, affordable in-home senior care in Atlanta for 20 years.  Griswold Home Care has offices in more than 175 markets nationwide.