Hospice Atlanta Looks After Even the Smallest Details - Ann Serrie and Jim Anderson

Mar 19, 2014

Ann Serrie, Assistant Director of Volunteer Services at Hospice Atlanta, returns to Eugeria! Radio this morning to chat about some of Hospice Atlanta's unique programs.  A New York City native, Ann left the city for warmer weather early on.  After watching her grandmother pass away in her home, with the benefit of hospic, Ann started volunteering at Hospice Atlanta in 1994.  More than a decade later, she was still volunteering, and was asked if she would accept the position of Volunteer Coordinator.  She accepted in 2007.

Ann is joined in the studio this morning by Jim Anderson, one of Hospice Atlanta's many passionate Volunteers.  Jim is also a native of snow, enduring 30 below zero temperatures as a kid in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Jim was encouraged to volunteer by his wife Marilyn (also a previous Eugeria! Radio guest) after he retired from a career in banking in mid-2010.  Hospice Atlanta's approach to volunteerism is to evaluate the talents and passions of each volunteer.  In Jim's case, he has been able to apply his business expertise in planning and implementing programs, including one of Hospice Atlanta's more unique programs.

When one thinks of hospice, the first thing that comes to mind is not the care and placement of patients' pets.  But, that is exactly what Pet Peace of Mind is all about!  Initially conceived and implemented in Oklahoma, Jim helped bring this program to Hospice Atlanta.  It turns out that one of hospice patients' big concerns is the wellbeing of their beloved pets when they become unable to provide for their care - including exercise, feeding, grooming and visits to the vet.  The program even includes a program to try to place pets after their owners pass.  One less thing for a patient to fret over!

Another unique program of Hospice Atlanta is Camp STARS.  This program was originally designed to be a bereavement camp for children.  After running the camp for a few years, it became apparent that the entire family would benefit from this program, and kids would benefit from having their families participate with them.  Held twice a year, Camp STARS is held at Camp Twinlakes in Rutledge, Georgia, and can accomodate up to 30 families, with the assistance of up to 30 volunteers.

To find out more about Hospice Atlanta, Pet Peace of Mind or Camp STARS, contact Ann directly at (404) 848-7955, email her at, or visit their website at

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