Dynamic Hospice offers personal comfort and support to the families they serve!

Oct 02, 2016

Dynamic” is defined by Webster as ‘characterized by constant change, activity, or progress….a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.’ The process is LIFE and the inevitable progress of life is death… If a family has help and support during this difficult time, it can help ease a lot of pain, answer a lot of questions, and give the family a much needed respite. Dynamic Hospice is owned by Grady graduate, Thelma Robinson and her son Darryl is the CFO. They are a small family owned and operated hospice but their reach in the metro Atlanta area is wide and their care is professional and personal. Tune in to this Eugeria broadcast as Jessica Ducote, RN/Clinical Director and Mayme Holcombe, Director of Support Services tell us about Dynamic Hospice and their call to care for families at the end stages of life.

Dymanic Hospice can be reached at 470 375 3115. Call them if your loved one is suffering with an incurable disease to see if they may qualify for the federal health benefit of hospice or palliative care.

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