Keeping your aging loved ones safe on the road - Jennifer Curry

Jul 26, 2012

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Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, Jennifer Curry attended Ohio State University and received a degree in Womens’ Studies.  After graduation she started her career working in libraries.  It wasn’t until fifteen years later that she moved to Atlanta and began taking classes at Emory University.  There she earned her Masters in Public Health.  Along the way Jennifer also earned a Certificate in Aging from Boston University’s School of Social Work. 

Though, in Jennifer’s words “it took a long time to get here”, she realizes that she was moved to serve seniors from an early age when a nursing home was built at the end of her small “dead-end” street, and she and her mother volunteered there.  Today, Jennifer is a Program Consultant for the Older Driver Safety Program in the Office of Injury Prevention, and part of the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Listen as Jennifer share a wealth of information about older driver safety in Georgia.  Also, check out the following links for more resources:

Hartford/MIT Older Driver Safety Conversations  (tips, videos, resource guides)

AARP Driver Safety Program (including class locator)

CarFit   Helps Georgia seniors find out how the effects of aging change the way they fit in their vehicles and how that can affect their driving.

Alzheimers Association - Georgia Chapter (This link goes directly to the portion of the website devoted to driver safety, including information about driving assessments and the grant to help pay for them through 9/30/12.)

Federal Highway Administration   Older Road Users (drivers, pedestrians & cyclists)

American Medical Association   (AMA) Physician's Guide to Assessing & Counseling Older Drivers

Georgia Older Driver Task Force   Georgia Older Driver Task Force/Governor's Office of Highway Safety

Georgia Dept. of Public Health Facebook Page

To contact Jennifer directly, please call her office at (404) 657-2894, or email her at

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