But I Don’t Want Chinese Food!!!  Keystone Conflict Solutions on Eugeria! Radio!

Apr 21, 2015

A native New Yorker, Rebecca Zimmerman moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1977 to attend Emory Law School.  After obtaining her law degree Rebecca built a successful law practice while she and her husband grew a successful school photography business. Later Rebecca was eager to use her juris prudence skills in a unique way to help seniors and their families. After the photography business was sold, Rebecca opened an elder care mediation service named Keystone Conflict Solutions

Keystone Conflict Resolution employs mediation techniques that empower siblings to make informed and beneficial decisions on the part of the aging parents.  The mediator doesn’t try to solve the conflict, but creates a spirit of compromise and negotiation that allows self-determining solutions.  Three key principles guide the process; self-determination, impartiality and confidentiality.  The mediation is short and cost effective when compared to legal action.

If Elder Care Mediation is of interest, you can contact Rebecca at 404-314-7228 or visit the Keystone Conflict Solutions web site at

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