Living in the Sandwich Generation - Brian Baker Shares His Story!

Jul 10, 2013

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Brian Baker has spent his career in the healthcare community, starting in the early days of home infusion.  Originally from Oklahoma City, Brian spent ten years in home infusion services.  Since then, he has worked in hospice, home healthcare and durable medical equipment.  A number of years ago, Brian left his family in Oklahoma to move to Atlanta.  Ten years ago, Brian's brother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 42.  For a number of years, she took care of Brian's brother on her own.  A few years ago Brian approached his mother with the idea of moving to Atlanta so that he could help with his brother's care.  To his surprise, she agreed.  For the last two and a half, Brian and his family have worked as a team.  At the same time, Brian is taking care of his own children.  Listen in as Brian shares his story with Eugeria! Radio.  To reach Brian directly, send him an email at

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