Living, Long Term Care and Legacy - It’s Never Too Late to Make a Plan

Nov 12, 2013

Tim Madison retired once already.  In fact he retired twice - once from General Electric, and once from Coca Cola.  One would think he'd done his duty!  A New England native, Tim earned his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Vermont.  He later moved to the DC area and earned a graduate degree from American University.  He spent career in information technology, working for GE and Coke.  Along the way, he developed an interest in financial planning, and earned his Certified Financial Planner designation in his spare time.  Though he moonlighted as a certified financial planner for seven hears, in 2000 Tim decided to retire from Corporate America, and become a financial planner full time.  About five years ago, Tim found Money Concepts, and decided to put out a shingle under their name.  Money Concepts has more than 2500 certified financial planners worldwide, and provides consistency of service across all 50 states and dozens of countries.

Tim tells us that he does not sell a product of any kind.  Rather, Tim is an educator.  His goal is to get his clients to consider three things:

How they will live in retirement,
How they will manage the cost of long term care, and
What legacy, if any, they will leave behind.
Regardless of the level at which any of these three are funded, Tim wants to make sure that his clients have choices, and that each client understands the choices, and deliberately plans for them.  For more information, check out his website here, or call him directly at (678) 679-6473.

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