Managing the Cost of Long Term Care with Steve Norris

Sep 14, 2012

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Born and raised in Georgia, Steve Norris earned a degree at Georgia Tech, and started a career in insurance more than 36 years ago.  Initially focusing on life and health insurance, Steve had a client 17 years ago that asked if he offered long term care insurance.  She further explained that the reason she wanted to purchase long term care insurance was so that her two girls would not have to go what she had been going through caring for her mother for the past 7 years.

Consequently, Steve founded Long Life Strategies.  His mission is to help clients design and implement financial solutions to three of life’s most complicated issues:

1)        Out-living your assets

2)        Dying with insufficient assets

3)        Through disability, exhausting your assets

For more information about managing the cost of long term care, email him at, visit his website at, or call him directly at 770-833-3496.

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