Medicare Enrollment Can Be Tricky - Let Bonnie Dobb’s Expertise Show You The Way!

May 02, 2015

In 2008 Bonnie Dobbs obtained her Georgia Insurance License to become a general insurance agent. Through her experience with a family member and the Medicare issues they faced, Bonnie decided to specialize in Medicare to help individuals that are overwhelmed with the complexity of the program. 

What is Medicare?  What is Medicare Part A; Part B; Part C; Part D…. Part G? Why were my co-pays met for last month, but not for this month?  How come my Medicare deductible is greater this year? Why is my 58 year old neighbor receiving Medicare benefits, but I can’t?  What are Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans?  Why won’t my doctor accept Medicare?  Bonnie continuously researches and studies Medicare for the answers to these questions and others.  Weekly she seeks out the regulatory and interpreted changes, and communicates how they may affect her clients.  Her goal is to educate her clients explaining Medicare in “simple, easy to understand language, lessening the anxiety of the unknown while increasing her client’s quality of life”.

If you think Bonnie can help you, please contact her at 770-655-2275.

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