Move Well, Move Often and Move “A Step Ahead” with Physical Therapy!

Jun 27, 2016

With more than 25 years of experience, Brad Freemyer, Owner and Therapy Director at A Step Ahead Physical Therapy, has a treatment philosophy that values personalized, hands-on care. He has been a big proponent of finding and treating the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.  This involves seeing the body as a whole and understanding the entire human movement system.  In recent years, he has developed a passion for Wellness and Prevention.  This passion led to the new tag line of “Move Well, Move Often, Be Well” which encapsulates his philosophy of what physical therapy represents and what it can accomplish in a participant’s life.

He continues to keep his ear to the ground in regard to therapies and treatments that are on the forefront of the physical therapy field. Through Brad's direction and leadership, A Step Ahead is moving headlong into health and wellness, promoting a Women’s Health Series, Functional Movement Screening and Corporate Wellness. He believes that preventative physical therapy can reduce or eliminate the need for rehabilitative therapy for many patients. He and his staff are currently conducting educational research and development of the individualized treatment model that his clinic demonstrates and he hopes to see used in future Physical Therapy curriculum. If you or your elderly loved one could benefit from A Step Ahead Physical Therapy, contact Brad Freemyer for an appointment at 770-998-6636 or check out and Get Moving Well again!

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