Only 7% of Eligible Seniors are Taking Advantage of this FREE Healthcare Benefit! Dr. Jason Reingold

May 08, 2014

Jason Reingold attended the University of Georgia, and then went on to the Emory School of Medicine.  Dr. Reingold is a Cardiologist by training, and is affiliated with both Northside and St. Joseph's hospitals.  He has recently joined Atlanta Cardiology and Primary Care.  Dr. Reingold's unique areas of clinical interest include preventive cardiology, advanced cardiac imaging, nuclear cardiology, structural/valvular heart disease, arrythmias and heart failure.  

That said, Dr. Reingold has a new passion.  He and his partners have embraced a new program funded by the Affordable Care Act to improve health for seniors.  This new program has no up-front cost, and no co-pays!  Shockingly, only 7% of seniors eligible for this proram are taking advantage of it!  This program begins with a Health Risk Assessment and a Wellness Exam.  It also includes a Personal Preention Plan, and a Long Term Screening Schedule.  The process gives each participant about an hour of direct time with Dr. Reingold!  Some of the elements of the program include instructions for diet and exercise, counseling on preventive services and a follow-up testing schedule.

Listen in for more details!  To get more information about this program, call his office at (404) 296-1130, or visit his website at  

We want to thank Griswold Home Care for sponsoring today’s show.  Griswold Home Care has been a preferred provider of high quality, affordable in-home senior care in Atlanta for more than 20 years.