Proactive Communication protecting your loved one during any Severe Weather Warning….WeatherCall!

Apr 01, 2016

Gene Norman grew up in New York, got his meteorology degree at University of Maryland and moved to Florida to work for NASA.  In 1993, Gene decided what he really wanted to do was be a TV weatherman. So he proceeded to “knock on the doors” of one TV station after another near Houston, where he was living at the time. He ended up doing weekend weather in Beaumont, Texas. In 2000 he moved to Atlanta to do weather for CBS affiliate Channel 46. After 8 years at Channel 46, he left to be a Grandpa and explore other weather-related ventures…

As meteorology and weather prediction has become more sophisticated, weather warnings are more targeted. Although T.V. and radio stations still do “county wide” weather warnings, the  weather stations know the specific parameters of the actual warning area. WeatherCall calls three phone numbers of your choice with a recorded message about the specific warning any time the address of your loved one falls into the actual warning area. They will also follow with a text if the number is text capable. This incredibly accurate service can be had for a nominal fee!! For more details, tune in to this Eugeria broadcast!

Gene also is available to speak about weather safety to Senior Living Communities, Senior Service Centers and other groups….Just give him a ‘WeatherCall’ at 770-376-0497, email him at, or check the website:

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