Relying on the Moon - Companioning Grief for 29 Days with Lesley Brogan

Mar 11, 2014

Born and raised in middle Illinois, Lesley Brogan is the middle daughter of a middle daughter.  She initially studied Music Therapy at Illinois State University.  After working in that field for a few years, she took a job with the YMCA, and ultimately felt drawn to seminary.  She graduated in 1991 from Emory's Candler School of Theology.  She spent seven years working with HIV patients, then worked in the United Church of Christ for ten years.  With such a broad range of experience, Lesley was well prepared to take on the role of Bereavement Coordinator at Guardian Hospice.  She notes that it can be challenging finding the right window or door to connect with each family, but that is the challenge that makes her job so meaningful.

In addition to her other talents, Lesley learned a number of years ago that she had a flair for writing as well.  Moved by a shared moment of grief and understanding with a dear friend, as her mother battled lung cancer, Lesley sat down and started to write.  Three and a half days later, she had written her story in a short volume that provided a companion to those dealing with grief - one day at a time.  The result was her book, "Relying on the Moon:  Companioning Grief for 19 Days".  For more information, or to order the book, go to her website,  To contact Guardian Hospice, call (770) 458-1624.

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