Sandi Thurber and Elizabeth Joseph of Gwinnett Extended Care Center

Jun 21, 2012

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To anyone that speaks to Sandi Thurber, it is apparent that she loves her job, and is personally motivated by helping families in times of crisis and need. Educated in Sociology at the University of Southern Mississippi, Sandi began working with older adults on a part-time basis as the Activities Coordinator in a nursing home. After many years at both Meadowbrook and Delmar Gardens, she accepted her current position as a social worker at Gwinnett Extended Care Center (GECC) about six years ago. 

Elizabeth Joseph came to the US from India twenty five years ago.  When she came here, she intended to be a teacher.  When she found it difficult to find a teaching job, she went back to school, and earned her RN degree.  She moved to Atlanta 17 years ago, and accepted a position with the Gwinnett Medical system 14 years ago.  Though she wears a multitude of hats, her primary role at GECC is to assist patients with their Medicare and insurance needs.

GECC is an 89 bed facility located adjacent to the main Gwinnett Medical Center campus in Lawrenceville.  Sandi tells us this that being a part of the Gwinnett Medical system, and being co-located with the campus is a tremendous benefit for their patients, in that, there are a host of resources available that would not be easily accessible in another location.  To find out more information about GECC, please call them directly at (678) 312-3000, or visit them on the web here.

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