Sandwich Generation from the “Bread’s” Perspective – Joshua Rumohr of Ivy Springs

Jul 31, 2013

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July is Sandwich Generation Month.  The Sandwich Generation describes those people that are dealing both with aging parents and children still in the home.  While we have spent a good bit of time addressing the "meat" in the sandwich, we have not spent much time discussing the "bread".  Joshua Rumohr is the Director of Excitement at Ivy Springs Assisted Living Community in in Buford, Georgia.  He is also a recent graduate of the University of North Georgia.  So, that means he's on of the slices of bread on the sandwich.

Joshua's degree is in Psychology, with a certificate in Gerontology.  His interest in seniors stems from his participation in the care for his grandfather, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a number of years ago, and recently passed.  As a member of the younger generation, Joshua tells us that this generation can feel stress from the fact that their parents are spending so much time caring for the grandparents.  Adding to the stress is the fact that he was also asked to participate in the care - sometimes at the expense of his other activities.  Though he often spent Saturday nights caring from his grandparent, Joshua looks back on that time now as precious time with him.  Listen in as Joshua offers additional perspective on being the bread in the sandwich!  In his job at Ivy Springs, Joshua is also able to offer insight into the grandparents perspective

To contact Joshua directly, you can call Ivy Springs at 770-573-9096, email him at, or stop by their community for a tour at 3177 Gravel Springs Rd.  near the Mall of Georgia in Buford.

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