Success 4 Hearts - Confessions of a Certified Heart Failure Nurse!

May 14, 2014

Pam Haron is passionate about heart failure!  Or rather, she is passionate about educating patients and their families about heart failure, its treatment and rehabilitation.  Originally from Tennessee, Pam intended to be a school teacher.  Two years into her teaching career, she fell in love, got married and started raising a family.  At that time, her husband encouraged her to go back to school to earn a degree that would allow her to support herself, should the need ever arise.  That encouragement turned out to be prophetic, as her husband passed away only two years later.  Pam had taken his advice, and became a registered nurse after completing Cleveland State Community College’s Nursing Program.

In 1998, Pam moved to Atlanta, and took a position at St. Joseph’s Hospital as a Critical Care Nurse – far out of her comfort zone!  Over time, she as exposed to transplants, rejections and heart failure disease management.  She realized then that her passion was serving heart patients and their families.  She went on to become a Certified Heart Failure Nurse, and is now a 29-year veteran of the nursing profession. 

Three years ago, Pam left the hospital environment to become a patient educator.  This is where her passion really shines through.  Listen in as she chats with us, and educates us about heart failure, its treatments and rehabilitations.  For more information check out these websites:,,  To contact Pam directly, send her an email at

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