Tackling the Myths of Grief - Anne Keeton, Grief to Relief

Apr 23, 2014

Anne Keeton moved to Atlanta when she was 4 years old.  In our book, that classifies her as a native - she got here as soon as she could!  After getting degrees in Philosophy and Sociology from The University of Georgia, she moved around the country a bit, including a tour in Hawaii.  It was here, counseling in the prison system, that she realized how important it was to coach and counsel on grief recovery.  In 2006, Anne earned a certification as a Life Coach, and then in 2011, went to the Grief Recovery Institute.  Today Anne is the founder and owner of Grief to Relief, a company that focuses on life coaching and grief counseling.

Anne tells us that grief and loss are cumulative.  Further, she notes that grief is a bit like a flat tire.  You can't pretend it's not there, you have to do something to repair the tire.  Simply making oneself busy doesn't fix the flat, nor does pretending the tire is not flat.  Listen in as Anne talks about debunking the myths of grief recovery, and outlines how she works with her clients to take positive steps toward recovery and rebuilding their lives.

For more information on Grief to Relief, visit their website at, email, or call her at (678) 653-5513.

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