The “H-Word” Doesn’t Have to be as Scary as We Make It

Aug 12, 2015

Listen as Denise Lukow, RN Administrator and new Community Relations Manager, Josefina Bates, discuss with MaryJo, Sam and Lee, what sets Aberdeen Place Hospice apart and why the “H-word” need not be scary but bring comfort, dignity and peace to a very difficult, but inevitable part of life.

Aberdeen Place Hospice opened in January of 2014 and as they enter into the second half of their second year, they are more convinced than ever that Hospice can ease the journey to end of life like nothing else…  Their social workers, nurses and CNA’s help with paperwork , end of life decisions, give spiritual support and of course support the physical comfort of their patients as well as the emotional peace of their families and communities. They want people to know that Hospice is a federal and state benefit that anyone is entitled to! If you are unsure that your loved one would qualify for hospice care, give Aberdeen Place a call at 678-878-3440 and one of their nurses or licensed social workers will come do a free assessment.

At Aberdeen Place Hospice we are large enough to be professional and small enough to operate like a family. They serve 23 metro Atlanta Counties within a 20 to 25 mile radius.

Don’t make the end of life journey alone….Call Aberdeen Place Hospice at 678-878-3440 or Josefina at 404-900-4306 or find them on line at                                                     

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