Time Management - Final Thoughts

Sep 18, 2012

One of the most difficult aspects of time management for the family caregiver is the guilt of taking time for yourself.  It is easy to think that your loved ones need every minute of your time.  But consider this:  What would happen if you were no longer there to do what you do?  If you do not take time for yourself, this is a real possibility.  Did you know that the mortality rate for family caregivers that are themselves struggling with some sort of physical ailment is 65% higher than other caregivers?

Practice the art of the gentle “no”, and schedule time for yourself.  Learn to delegate certain tasks to others.  Delegate until they complain!  Understand that delegating is not dumping.  Often, family and friends are thrilled to be able to help – don’t deny them the opportunity!

Remember,, effective time management is a journey.  You can learn how to manage time effectively, but it does not guarantee that you will manage time effectively.  Practice often, find an accountability partner and start immediately!  Lay out your desired result, and keep it in mind until you reach your goal!  For more information, or for additional training or coaching, please contact Brad Culp at (770) 908-0707.