Time Management - Planning Your Time

Aug 14, 2012

So, did your review of how you actually spend your time surprise you?  Most people are surprised to learn how much time is actually wasted each day.  Now don’t misunderstand – time spent doing nothing is not necessarily wasted time.  Remember, we said early on that not all activity is good activity, and that sometimes you just need some quiet time for reflection!

That said, once you’ve identified your major time consumers and time wasters, you can start to make a plan to deal with these items.  As the common saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Sometimes, a simple “To Do List” makes a big impact on how effective you are in managing your time.  Are you a list maker?  If you are, then perhaps you should put away the list for a while, or add items to the list that weren’t there before, like “Me Time”, or “Date Night”.  If you aren’t a list maker, then perhaps you should give it a try. 

Some might argue that their time is not their own, and their plan will just get changed.  It’s true that there are always competing agendas for your time.  A plan will always change – that’s OK, and to be expected.  That said, you have to have a plan to change a plan!

Join us next time as we talk about executing your plan.