Time Management - What do you do each day?

Aug 13, 2012

As we’ve already pointed out, every person on the planet has exactly 168 hours to spend each week.  Though we have the same number of hours, how we spend them is likely to be vastly different.  Some people spend more than 70 of these hours sleeping.  Others, as little as 30.  Some spend 10 hours per week commuting, others commute to their living room!

How do you use your 168 hours each week?  How long does it take you to “get down to business” each morning?  How much time do you lose daily due to fatigue, stress, disorganization, not knowing what to do, or just plain procrastination?

Getting a handle on how you spend your time is the first step to improving the way you spend your time.  For the next week, keep a notepad close and document how you spend your time each day.  How much time sleeping, eating, caring for your loved one?  And also, how much time talking on the phone, watching TV, resting?  How much time wasted looking for misplaced items, trying to “gather your thoughts”, trying to remember things you were supposed to do.

Join us next time as we discuss what to do with this information once you have it.