Tips for Taking Medications

May 14, 2012

Not taking your medications as your physician has prescribed can be dangerous to your health.  To get the best results, you should take them exactly as prescribed.  Here are 5 tips to remembering to take the right medication at the right time:

  1. Set up a chart which has all of the medications prescribed to include the directions for what time and how to take them.
  2. Take your medications at the same time each day.  Set a schedule, for instance, just before you eat a meal.
  3. Set reminders for taking the medications.  If you have a Caregiver from Griswold Special Care, the Caregiver will prompt you to take your medications.
  4. Keep the medications where they can be easily found.
  5. If you have multiple doctors who write prescriptions for your medications, use only one pharmacy to fill all of your prescriptions so that the Pharmacists can monitor for any adverse interactions with the medications and they can notify the ordering physician.