What You Need to Know Before You Need to Know it to Care for an Elderly Loved One!

Jul 11, 2016

Lisa McGrath is the Founding Partner of Islands Financial.  Her career spans 20 years in insurance, investment and income strategies; she specializes in income planning for longevity concerns, small business risk management and succession planning. She is an expert in creative problem solving while offering a fresh perspective in helping to orchestrate and coordinate a cohesive plan of action for clients, their families and their businesses.

Lisa is an active and giving member of the community; she has held many professional association offices including being a member of the Executive Board of Senior Services North Fulton. She is currently an active member in the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, and much of the discussion with MaryJo today centers around the community outreach program offering educational workshops for Aging Parents and their Families and other topics for protection, accumulation, and distribution of income. Don’t miss this important broadcast that can save you time and trouble! Get the information you need before you need it…

Lisa lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with her husband, Brian, their two daughters Lily and Gabby. She has cared for and helped her own aging parents and more than anything wants to help other families navigate these often confusing and difficult financial waters! Please do not hesitate to call Lisa at 443-465-0757, email: or visit the website!

Thanks to Griswold Home Care for sponsoring today’s show. Griswold Home Care has been a preferred provider of high quality, affordable in-home senior care in Atlanta for more than 23 years.