You Don’t Have to Be Sick to Get Better - Dr. Tim O’Connor, Catalyst Physical Medicine

Mar 26, 2014

Dr. Tim O'Connor is one of those Yankees - you know the kind - the kind that came down to visit, spending summers and spring breaks in Myrtle Beach, and then stayed!  But we're glad he did!  Tim grew up in an Irish Italian home with a mother who was a nurse.  As such, their home became a clinic, of sorts, for extended family, friends and other random "patients"!

When his sister was young, she became very ill.  Her diagnosis defied doctors for several years, until they finally informed the family that she had Lupus - no hope, no cure.  Not satisfied with this diagnosis, the family turned to different doctors - doctors that offered a more wholistic and natural approach.  They discovered that she had more than 40 food allergies, that her body had become highly toxic and that she was malnourished.  Through an approach to remove blockages and cleanse her body of toxins, Tim's sister completely recovered in about 18 months.

Wanting to pursue this type of wholistic treatment as a career Dr. O'Connor attended Life College in Marietta, then set up a practice in Phoenix for 18 years.  Moving back to the Atlanta area five years ago, he set up a unique and different practce model bringing a range of practitioners under one roof using medical, chiropractic and wholistic therapies.  Catalyst Physical Medicine is committed to improving the health of their patients by evaluating and treating the underlying causes to the symptoms presented.  For more information, or a free consultation, call them at (770) 667-0099, or visit their website at

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