Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Medical Home Care for Seniors and the Physically and Mentally Challenged

Are you a licensed agency?

Yes, the Atlanta Northeast Offices of GRISWOLD HOME CARE are licensed by the Georgia Department of Community Health as a personal assistance services (PCP) agency. As a PCP licensed agency we can provide routine, ongoing care or services required by an individual in a residence or independent living environment that enable the individual to engage in the activities of daily living or to perform the physical functions required for independent living. The types of services that fall under “personal care” as defined in the Georgia Administrative Codes are bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, exercising, toileting, positioning, assisting with self-administered medications, routine hair and skin care and transfer or ambulation. Please click on this link to see a sample of our services.

What type of services does GRISWOLD HOME CARE offer?

Services typically fall under three broad categories: personal care, homemaking, and companionship. Our Caregivers offer a variety of services including bathing, dressing and meal preparation. They can also go shopping and run errands and do light housekeeping for the Client. Caregivers provide reminders with self-administered medications and they offer transportation to Clients for appointments. Please click on this link to see a much broader list of services.

Am I contractually obligated to minimum number of service hours or number of days under your service agreement?

No. You are never obligated to any minimum number of hours or duration. We typically have a four-hour service minimum per shift.  Custom rates are available for less than four hours. We ask that you provide us 24 hours notice of any service cancellations so that we may place the Caregiver on another case. 


How much notice do you need to start service?

In order to provide the best possible care, we would prefer to have a few days to find the most appropriate caregiver.  In urgent situations, we can often find caregivers the same day.  For Clients that have unique service requirements or require 24 hours of care, we may need two to three days notice. 

How flexible is GRISWOLD SHOME CARE with individual non-medical home care needs?

GRISWOLD HOME CARE offers Clients a consumer-driven approach. Care is tailored to meet the specific and individual needs of our home care Clients. We offer hourly, overnight, and live-in home care options. Caregivers provide assistance to senior adults and people with disabilities. We also offer non-medical home care respite to family caregivers needing a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

How do I determine the number of hours per day, or days per week, my family member will need a Caregiver?

The amount of time a non-medical home care Caregiver spends with someone will depend on how much home care assistance that individual needs. It is important to work with a reputable home care agency that can assist you with identifying your non-medical home care needs and preferences. Home care services should be tailored to a Client's needs and concerns. A good suggestion is to start with the minimum amount of time necessary for a Caregiver to complete identified tasks, with the option to extend the time as needed. A good agency will remain flexible in scheduling care for the Client.

Can I sign up for service if I only need assistance occasionally or on an as-needed basis?

Yes, we provide customized service based on your individual needs.

We’ve decided to move forward with home care for a loved one, now what do we do?

Contact our office and we will come out to meet the Client and the Client's family.  We will provide a free, no-obligation assessment. During the assessment we will identify the Client’s diagnosis, the personal care requirements, and the Client’s home care needs.  We will also discuss billing procedures and review and sign all of the paperwork required by the State of Georgia. The assessment will give us the insight to identify the best possible Caregiver to meet the Client’s needs. We recommend that you contact us a few days prior to the start of service; however, we understand how fluid a Client’s condition is and in many circumstances we can respond the same day.

What steps does GRISWOLD HOME CARE take to assure the Client that the Caregivers can be trusted?

GRISWOLD HOME CARE implements our proprietary CareAssure™ Screening System for all potential non-medical home care Caregivers. Our screening includes such things as a pre-interview telephone screen; in-person, one-on-one, behavioral-based interviews; extensive in-depth reference checks (at least 2 supervisory and 2 personal references); biennial criminal record checks; Nurse Aide checks; and fitness to work screen. We believe a Caregiver’s past performance is the key to identifying future performance which is why we place so much emphasis on behavioral based interviews and reference checking.

If I am not happy with my Caregiver can I ask for another?

The Griswold CarePairing™ process matches your preferences (personality, values, behaviors, etc.) with our detailed companion profiles.  We work hard to create an ideal caregiver relationship between our clients and the compassionate home care providers that we refer.

Our service is "consumer-driven" meaning, that as our Client, you are in control of your own service.  We do everything possible to make a good match between the Caregiver and Client which is why we conduct a home visit prior to providing service. We consider numerous elements such as the Caregiver’s skills, personality, experience and even where they live when choosing a Caregiver to place with our Clients.

We provide every Client a brochure titled “Welcoming a Caregiver Into Your Home.” The most important factor in the success of the Caregiver and Client relationship is communication.  Open, candid and specific communication with the Caregiver on how you would like things done or what your routines are enable the caregiver to meet your needs appropriately. However, we understand there may be times when you no longer feel comfortable with a given caregiver.  Should that occur, we will be happy to find a suitable replacement. 

Does Medicare, Medicaid or other forms of health insurance cover home care services?

No, health insurance usually does not cover home care services. Coverage is generally provided through private pay, long term care insurance or some VA sponsored programs.

I have long term care insurance. Do you accept long term care (LTC) insurance and will it cover home care?

While every policy is different, typically long term care insurance will cover home care. We work with long term care insurance companies from all over the country. You have two options when dealing with LTC insurance. You may file your own claims or you can opt to use our financial services company to file claims on your behalf for an additional fee. Should you choose to file your own claims, our office will help you format your monthly statements in a manner familiar to the insurance companies.

How do I communicate with GRISWOLD HOME CARE?

You may speak to any of our professional office staff for assistance. A live operator is available to respond to Client emergencies 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  During business hours, our phones are answered by a person, not an automated voice response system.  If you are a current Client, we recommend you first try contacting your assigned Coordinator. Your Coordinator will have the most up to date information concerning schedules and knowledge of any previous conversations you’ve had. All of our office staff have email addresses as well. Many of our clients and their family members find it more convenient to communicate via email for routine, non-time sensitive issues. 


Hiring a caregiver privately may save me money, why should I use GRISWOLD HOME CARE?

On the surface, hiring a private caregiver may seem like a good deal. However, it helps to know all of the facts to make an informed decision.  When you hire a private caregiver, that person becomes your employee.  As an employer, you would be responsible for withholding and paying employment taxes and workers compensation.  You would be responsible for insurance, management oversight, background checks, fill-ins.  Without an agency, you must advertise and screen potential applicants, do the hiring and firing, make payroll, withhold and pay taxes, and make all employee filings for income tax, social security, and unemployment.

For your benefit and protection, we provide professional liability insurance and caregiver bonding. Remember, if you hire a caregiver privately, homeowners' insurance does not cover your liability for claimed employee injury and lost wages.  When your regular Caregiver needs time off, we ensure continued coverage by providing a suitable substitute. Have an unexpected home care need; don’t worry we can easily meet your urgent requirement as you have access to a large pool of Caregivers with diverse experience and skills.

Only 1 in 10 applicants with the Atlanta Northeast Office of Griswold Home Care is selected to become a Caregiver, providing you with the best home care available. We offer training resources to Caregivers for specific circumstances and follow up with unannounced home visits and telephone calls to family members. Many caregivers that cannot meet our stringent registry requirement may turn to private duty as an alternative.

When you become a Client of Griswold Home Care, you will be assigned a Coordinator that will be responsible for taking care of all your scheduling and home care needs. Your Coordinator will continuously monitor the quality of your care and service, make client service home visits, address issues and maintain contact with you and your family members.  During these often difficult times, family members should not have to deal with the drudgery of becoming an employer but concentrate on spending quality time with your loved one.